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Reversible Octopus Plushie


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Show your mood without saying a word, with our cute & soft reversible octopus plushie!

Having a bad day? Cheer up yourself or your significant other with our Moody Octopus Plushie! Guaranteed to turn that frown upside down!

Your Moody Octopus friend will share mutual feelings with you! Get the emotional support you deserve during tough times! Great gift for yourself or the people you love the most!


– Squish Often

– Cuddle Daily


This reversible octopus cuddly toy is so funny and crunchy that you won’t want to part with it!

She will become your new friend and who better than your loved ones to help you grow!

But our reversible octopus plush is more than just a toy!

Very soft and pleasant to the touch, it has been specially designed to accompany you in all your life experiences, joys, sorrows and allows you to feel less lonely on days when things go wrong.

Express your emotions without saying a word and strengthen the understanding of yourself.

Discover a new way to communicate:

The reversible octopus plush also promotes communication with a friend, a loved one or a family member. It makes situations less dramatic and makes people laugh!


This reversible octopus plush is irresistible with its childlike look and beautiful round eyes!

Thanks to its reversible function, it changes color and expression. It goes from “happy” to “annoyed” in a single gesture!

Purple-blue, yellow-orange, pink-green, you will surely find YOUR plush. Perfect for playing, cuddling and even collecting them.

These reversible octopus cuddly toys are the perfect gifts for birthdays, baby-showers, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and much more. So, why not offer wonderful moments, surrounded by your loved ones with this reversible plush?


No one can resist the softness of this reversible octopus plush!

Its unique composition makes it very pleasant to the touch and very cuddly.

Reversible in one gesture, your cuddly toy will change its expression in an instant, as fast as your mood.

Machine washable, you will be able to carry it anywhere. Stains, dirt, felt, dust… A small amount of soap and water is enough to make it look great again.

This reversible octopus cuddly toy has been designed for young and old. It is therefore guaranteed 100% safe and non-toxic both for the color and the high quality texture.

Please note that we can not guarantee that the printing will be exactly the same as shown on the picture. For example, the happy face on the blue/purple one can be on the blue one instead of the purple.


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as photo, balck, bandada jeans, bandana shirt, beige sweater, black, black jacket


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